Water Damage Restoration Anaheim

Whether it is a leak, a major flood or resulting water damage mold, our specialist technicians are able to respond quickly, effectively and appropriately. Even if the damage is caused by a leaking washing machine or a natural flooding incident we are equipped to restore your property to pre-incident condition.

Aside from water damage, mold growth is a serious health hazard. Other secondary effects such as corrosion and structural deterioration can be potentially more significant than the initial water damage itself. Therefore we also offer mold removal services to reverse this damage. As a water damage company and mold removal company, we first perform initial tests to establish the length of time the property has been exposed to water, the amount of moisture that has been absorbed and how deeply the water has penetrated.

Whether it is your office or your house, mold removal is done quickly and efficiently. The same is true of any other type of water damage.

Our Drying Solutions

Our technicians have real world expertise in drying all kinds of environments, quickly and cost effectively returning facilities to pre-incident condition. Supported by the world’s largest fleet of drying equipment, our specialist water damage technicians can immediately install robust and regularly maintained dehumidifiers to dry affected areas and control the environment within the property. Munters manufactured dehumidifiers can be installed to dry out affected areas and regular progress checks are made. Thorough drying is important for effective mold removal and prevention.

Water extraction machines are also carried to allow for the removal of standing water. Our deep drying techniques can often reverse the deterioration caused by water damage, including mold removal. Drywall, insulation, plaster, masonry, electrical corrosion, rusting components and even wood can be returned to pre-incident condition. Deep drying of ambient air coupled with constant air movement causes the moisture in building materials to evaporate much quicker than normal, thereby bringing them back to pre-loss moisture levels.

Our drying services extend beyond the building structure however, and we can stop deterioration and speed the restoration of a range of items including books, documents, files, microfilm/microfiche, x-rays, blue prints, audio/video materials and artwork. Today, our drying solutions have effectively negated the need for substantial reconstruction work through faster response times, the deployment of efficient drying technologies and effective management of the project.

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